From Here to Half Moon Bay Part Two: Dark Passenger

From a Warrior’s Passion and Pain

From Fat Boy to Fit Man

From Fighting to Forgiving

From Here To Half Moon Bay

  • Jason Wood Publisher and Writer, Kantanoose Global
    Kantanoose Global is an independent publisher whose focus is on being non-fiction storytellers. We believe that everyone has a story, something profound that affected their life, the person they are and who they are to become. Our job is to find these stories and share them with the world so others can benefit from the lessons others have learned. Kantanoose Global seeks to inspire greatness simply by sharing compelling stories about the human spirit. What’s Your Story?

  • So, what’s your story? Have people ever told you that your life should be a book? Do you agree but only keep journals daunted by the huge task of actually writing a book? With all you have going on in your busy life, where would you even begin? The answer is simple. You begin with us.

  • Step One

    Send us a note telling us the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where” and “why” of your story. Did you overcome a major obstacle in life? Are you challenged by something every day?

    Did something happen to you as a child, teen or as an adult, something so impactful that it defines who you are in either a good or bad way?

    Step Two

    After reviewing the story submissions we receive we determine if there is more there to peel away.

    Step Three

    We reach out to you and begin an interview process. You speak. We listen. You tell us what happened, how it happened and how it affected you and those who surround you. We capture your story then, we write it

    Step Four

    You read then approve the final version and we share your story for others to learn from and be inspired by.

  • If you have read the current Kantanoose Global releases and feel that your personal story fits our model please contact us at We are currently looking for a select group of writers to help “get a foot in the door” and see their projects all the way to market. At this moment we are only interested in books based on true life stories. If you have a finished project and feel comfortable sharing it with the world please contact us. We have a trained graphics department to do cover design. We can offer consulting as to the ins and outs of getting your product printed and seen. Your story is important to us, if it is important to you.




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