From Fighting to Forgiving

  • Jason Wood

Jaime Gough was a 14 year old boy. He was loved. He was murdered by a friend who he trusted. This is the back story about his parent’s journey from the third world to America, the life they were able to create and their struggle with forgiveness once their boy was brutally taken. The story made national headlines and at the core was a mother and father pushed to their limits after such a loss. Would Maria find peace? Would she remain bitter and angry and let hatred rot her marriage? How would she replace anger and sadness with purpose?

Four-time author Jason Wood takes you through the story behind the headlines and probes deeply into the lives of Jaime’s parents. Travel back in time to the extraordinary journey that brought George and Maria Gough together. Delve into the heartache of losing a child and be uplifted by the power to overcome hate, actually forgive and then find greater purpose in helping others.

From the chilling confession of the murderer to the Gough’s actual letters of forgiveness to their son’s killer, ‘From Fighting to Forgiving’ takes you on an unexpected journey. Learn first-hand how challenging it is to let go of hate and seek love after a tragedy.

Today George and Maria Gough are active in their community, the state of Florida and the country overall. They offer sound advice based on their own tragic loss. They offer the “real person” account to compliment any professional counseling. Their personal advice and support to others who have experienced tragic, sudden loss has proven to be helpful in the road to peace. The Gough’s frequently appear in the media offering comments on cases and support to the affected families and believe the best way to honor their son and keep his positive, loving spirit alive is to help others in this way.

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